Welcome to the website of our guitar trio and let us introduce our CD album
Guitar Session

  • Beaumont Rag
  • Homage To David
  • Chanela
  • Scooter
  • Big Boss
  • Bianca's Lullaby
  • Radim's Breakdown
  • Golden Slippers
  • Takyráda
  • Swing 1001
  • I tisíc mil bych šel
  • Black Orfeus
  • Over The Rainbow
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    Mirek, Pavel and Michal started to play together 15 years ago and now you can hear the result of their aged collaboration.

    It is acoustic music, based on the trio of guitar players with some added guests helping out at some tracks. Two songs are included, the rest are instrumentals.
    One half of the material presented are covers, the second one are our own original compositions.

    The style is closest related to new acoustic music, even if the participating musicians themselves are active mainly in bluegrass and country bands. So the actual styles presented on the CD range from bluegrass to swing to latin.

    The CD is a self-produced effort capturing the best stuff by the trio in almost two decades of performing.

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